Concentrate on flowers, create a soothing space


IKEBANA Trial Lesson
Open atany time ¥3,500

Take a lesson constantly “Regular Monthly Lesson
・2-4 times / month
( A flower fee 1,000 yen will be charged separately from the third time )

Once a month of soothing time
Living with Flowers Course (1 time / month)” ¥5,000 (flower included)

Master the basics in 3 days
Short Intensive Lesson (Spartan Lesson)
(It does not need to be three days in a row)
¥100,000 (flower, textbook, initiation fee and diploma included)


1 min from Hanshin Ishiyagawa station
Metered parking is available nearby

Small group lesson / Max. 4 people
Always select the date and time at your convenience After work is OK
Provide a dedicated curriculum suiting the individual purpose and pace

Regular events are also held to enjoy fresh flowers and sake provided by sake brewer.

Please make a reservation by phone, web or e-mail
Mishoshinryu Ikebana lesson Please see HP for seasonal flower lessons and event information.